The Many Type Of Frame Tents

Tents and the many kinds

Everyone knows what a tent is and how helpful it could have been at some point of our lives. What we do not know are the different kinds of tents we could choose from. We have the pole tents and the frame tents.

Pole tents

These tents are very effective and sturdy. They cost cheaper than the frame tents and are most likely used in active events. It has a distinctive pole in the center which usually holds the entire tent – the size and measurement of it.

Frame tents

These tents are more classy and expensive. The good thing about these tents is the fact that you can use the for any occasion. Be it me something formal, romantic or intimate, because of how they are designed, these tents would suit the magical event.

The different kinds

Frame tents have several kinds and usage. Below are some:

Church tent

Church tents are used simply by formal church gatherings and ceremonies. There are four measurements of church tents:

  • 15x25m church tent = good for 300 people
  • 30x50m church tent = good for 2000 people
  • 500 people church tent
  • Large capacity solid wall church tent

Exhibition tent

Here are some of the kinds:

  • Big exhibition tent aluminum structure
  • Big outdoor exhibition tent
  • Durable exhibition tent with glass wall
  • Huge frame tent exhibition
  • Exhibition tent 20x60m white

Sport tent

Here are the well known sport tents:

  • 20x60m big sport tent
  • 20x60m large sport tent
  • Heavy duty sport tent for basketball
  • Outdoor tent for amusement

Pagoda tent

Here are the pagoda tent kinds:

  • 5mx5m pagoda tent
  • 10mx10m pagoda tent
  • Beautiful pagoda tent with curtain
  • Outdoor pagoda tent custom for sale
  • Pagoda tent party
  • Pagoda tent with glass wall

High peak tent

  • Hard wall high peak tent
  • Fancy high peak wedding tent
  • Luxury high peak tent

Arcum tent

  • 20x50m hard wall arcum tent for outdoor events
  • 1000 people glass wall arch tent
  • Aluminum arch tent for 500 people use
  • White PVC event arch tent

Curve tent

  • Ourdoor heavy duty tennis court tent
  • Water proof aluminum structure curve tent

Polygonal tent

  • Outdoor polygonal tent for sports

There are still so many more examples and kinds that I would love to discuss! You may want to know these tents and the uses of each before purchasing one.