Pole Tent Or Frame Tent: Which Is Sturdier?

When choosing a tent, you would mostly be exposed to two types: the classic pole of the pole tent and the classic frame or the frame tent. So between both, what do you think is sturdier? We may have to dig in a little bit to be able to grasp the difference of both and do a little research. Personally, I think the former is sturdier but I cannot guarantee unless I know the specifics of the latter. It would also depend on the buyer’s needs per se, especially what suits best for him.

Here are some of the facts of buying a pole tent:

  • This is practically cheaper
  • Very easy installation
  • Size and measurement available up to 24m
  • The parts are very little so transportation is not a problem
  • The footprint for the installation would need to be larger than the usual
  • You may have to think about how critical the staking would be
  • Center poles can be a disruption especially when there are center views

Here are fun facts for a frame tent:

  • Centre poles are not evident so no obstructions
  • Floor plan is evident and layout is flexible
  • The way it is designed is considered to be free standing
  • It in pleasing aesthetically
  • Hardware components are more compared to the former
  • Issues of transportation may occur
  • Maximum size and width is only 12m

Above are the common facts that you may need to consider when buying a tent. You cannot just cherry pick ad regret later. You always need to make sure you have gotten all the information you need before wasting money. After all, money still makes the world go round.

Kinds of tents available in the market:

  • Presto series pole canopies
  • Classic series tents
  • TP series tents
  • High peak tents
  • Series engineered high peak tents
  • Classic series frame tents
  • Classic series gable frame tents
  • Master series frame tents
  • Master series high peak frame tents

I would suggest doing your own research before deciding to own one. Buying a tent is time consuming, bulky and honestly something you need to deal with ahead of time. It may not be easy at first especially if you are not keen on tents but once you get the best pick for you, you will be happy bringing it into your home. Nothing comes easy, a little research would not hurt and I know this because this is exactly what I practice!