About Me

Hello, my name is “Skinny” Ken Molina, I’m an outdoor adventurer and travel enthusiast as well as an outdoor events consultant. A couple of years ago, I started Skinny’s Outdoor Gear, this business is a distributor of top-of-the-line products for outdoor events and activities. SOG has a wide range of outdoor-related products such as event tents, camping gear, outdoor apparel and even accessories for your off-road vehicles. As I always say to my costumers, “When it’s everything and anything outdoor, Skinny’s got more!”

I started off with a small space in Tampa but I was able to expand on different states, but the best thing I have accomplished was set up an online shop so me and my small team can reach customers from around the world. I have also set up a section in my website where we can post some interesting stuff about the outdoors – like equipment, event needs and set-ups. Our following has been great and we have an active social media channel where we love to interact with our customers. All the products we have are only of the finest quality and I can always assure everyone my word. Enjoy the great outdoors with Skinny’s Outdoor Gear!