Pole Tent Or Frame Tent: Which Is Sturdier?

When choosing a tent, you would mostly be exposed to two types: the classic pole of the pole tent and the classic frame or the frame tent. So between both, what do you think is sturdier? We may have to dig in a little bit to be able to grasp the difference of both and do a little research. Personally, I think the former is sturdier but I cannot guarantee unless I know the specifics of the latter. It would also depend on the buyer’s needs per se, especially what suits best for him.

Here are some of the facts of buying a pole tent:

  • This is practically cheaper
  • Very easy installation
  • Size and measurement available up to 24m
  • The parts are very little so transportation is not a problem
  • The footprint for the installation would need to be larger than the usual
  • You may have to think about how critical the staking would be
  • Center poles can be a disruption especially when there are center views

Here are fun facts for a frame tent:

  • Centre poles are not evident so no obstructions
  • Floor plan is evident and layout is flexible
  • The way it is designed is considered to be free standing
  • It in pleasing aesthetically
  • Hardware components are more compared to the former
  • Issues of transportation may occur
  • Maximum size and width is only 12m

Above are the common facts that you may need to consider when buying a tent. You cannot just cherry pick ad regret later. You always need to make sure you have gotten all the information you need before wasting money. After all, money still makes the world go round.

Kinds of tents available in the market:

  • Presto series pole canopies
  • Classic series tents
  • TP series tents
  • High peak tents
  • Series engineered high peak tents
  • Classic series frame tents
  • Classic series gable frame tents
  • Master series frame tents
  • Master series high peak frame tents

I would suggest doing your own research before deciding to own one. Buying a tent is time consuming, bulky and honestly something you need to deal with ahead of time. It may not be easy at first especially if you are not keen on tents but once you get the best pick for you, you will be happy bringing it into your home. Nothing comes easy, a little research would not hurt and I know this because this is exactly what I practice!

How To Set Up Fields For Your Community’s Recreational Sports

Engaging in sports helps people in so many ways they could ever imagine. Sports is not just being able to practice what you love to do or play, but it can also help you physically, socially, mentally and emotionally. We all have been going through something and it has bee proven that sports has helped so many people suffering from depression get over it and live a better and healthy lifestyle. Sports is a very simple term that has helped so many people in every aspect of life. Regardless of how old you are, a certain kind will always be a good fit for you.

What can recreational sports do?

Sports can help us in so many ways. Below are just some:

  • Socially
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Career 

Socially – with this, we are able to create more connection as social beings. If you believe you are an introvert, sports can help you get through it without any problems.

Emotionally – as mentioned above, a lot of people suffering from depression, PTSD and other emotional distress, even suicidal distress – people have gotten over this stage due to sports. They have engaged with sports depending on the kind of sport that suits their needs and their lifestyle.

Mentally – those who have been suffering with mental illness have been helped by sports too. Those with anxiety, mood disorder, paranoia and even schizophrenia have also been helped by sports dearly.

Physically – let us not forget those who are keen on losing weight! People who are wanting to lose weight cannot rely on anything better than sports. They can take advantage of it anytime of the day. From what I heard, swimming and badminton have been the number best choices in getting all those calories burnt. I am not sure if this is true to everybody but most of the people I know agree.

Career – let us not forget that people do not just delve into sports and do not just consider sports like recreational sports. Some people consider sports as part of their lives. They not only live by it, they breathe through it. People consider this their life and career, they make money by being very good at what they do and play. A good example is Michael Jordan. He is just the best of all time in the basketball industry and whoever disagrees can fight me!

Sports is everything to most of the people.

The Outdoor Equipment You Need To Hold A Sporting Event

Outdoor equipment

Sporting events are fun and challenging. The process of putting pieces of the events together to get all things done and be successful poses a lot of consideration. For one, the elements play a vital role in deciding what things to add to the list of must-haves in these sporting events especially that is done outdoors.

Guide to make outdoor sporting events successful

Preparation is the key for sporting events that are done outdoors. For this, well-organized undertakings should be done ahead of time as such; the following measures can be made:

  • Set up back up power
  • Provide adequate lighting
  • Sound source should be checked
  • Employ interactive mobile app experience
  • Prepare the weather
  • Prop up On-site storage
  • Create a weather proof supply and amenities

Emergency set up

One of the best ways to avoid power problems when you have this outdoor sporting event is to prepare outdoor equipment for power source. A small silent running generator would do much to help continue events that might have started. Aside from that, check whether power lines in the place or venue can hold up even if the weather goes bad.

Prepare lights

Important equipment, technical lights on the venue is necessary in case events turn out to go on until evening.  This is to ensure staff and guests can still see what is going on. Walkways and well lit facilities can help make the sporting events more lively and enhanced.

Sound source

It does not have to be very modern or unique when it comes to sound preparation. You may opt for simple PA sound system outdoor equipment for announcement or the more all-out speakers for those which needs to accommodate large venue while keeping athletes and guests knowledgeable of what is going on.

Storage, Amenities and Communication system

We can never predict what will happen in a sporting event, so a storage bin for staff, athletes and organizers can help secure important files and equipment. On the other hand, amenities such as blankets, sunscreen and medicine kits can do much in situations you never imagine would happen. To add to the list is a communication system to help keep organizers, staff, guests and athletes updated of the situation. It is also a good way to foster camaraderie by the use of the latest technology something to make them busy in times where situation are getting out of hand and needs responding.

Party Tents Aren’t Just For Parties – They’re For Sports Events, Too

Tents are a convenient means to create space and venue for events. One of the common ways to use tents is for hosting parties and occasion. Being flexible and easy to assemble, tents can be used for a variety of purposes such as protective covering, venue, and emergency set up for events.

Tents for parties – uses

Widely used these days are tents for party purposes. The design and structure of the tent is made in such a way that it can easily be propped up and be easily taken down after an event. This is a very important aspect which makes it a very popular option for parties. Their usefulness doesn’t only stop at parties, though. They’re also great for sports purposes, due to their portability and flexibility in function.

Benefits for sports events

The way party tents are made have such huge impact to sports events for they can be easily used as means for storing and keeping equipment and staff’s properties. The following can be summed up for the uses:

  • Keep sound equipment safe
  • Booth for registration and claiming prizes
  • Sports equipment storage facility
  • Staff and facilitator booth

How it is used in sports events

Due to being portable, a party tent can be easily assembled and disassembled. Whenever a situation arises and the venue needs more space for registration and prize display, these party tents can be used as scaffolding for the venue. If ever there is a need to move the registration to a new location, the tent can be easily hoisted up and relocated.

Staffs that are in charge of keeping sports timers and timetables can also benefit from a party tent. They can be set up to sit and stay in designated posts under the tent. The open panels and adjustable wall fabric of prop up frame tents can make the staff more comfortable as it lets air get through.

Clear top tents can be used as a means to highlight the venue for presenting prizes. The tent can be used to keep sound equipment, sports equipment safe from the weather. In case, food and supplies are procured, these tents can be used as a place to keep the food safe from air exposure. Structure tents are more popular for sporting events which requires athletes to stay and change their clothes and prepare their performances such as swimming, jumping, gymnastics and running.

The Many Type Of Frame Tents

Tents and the many kinds

Everyone knows what a tent is and how helpful it could have been at some point of our lives. What we do not know are the different kinds of tents we could choose from. We have the pole tents and the frame tents.

Pole tents

These tents are very effective and sturdy. They cost cheaper than the frame tents and are most likely used in active events. It has a distinctive pole in the center which usually holds the entire tent – the size and measurement of it.

Frame tents

These tents are more classy and expensive. The good thing about these tents is the fact that you can use the for any occasion. Be it me something formal, romantic or intimate, because of how they are designed, these tents would suit the magical event.

The different kinds

Frame tents have several kinds and usage. Below are some:

Church tent

Church tents are used simply by formal church gatherings and ceremonies. There are four measurements of church tents:

  • 15x25m church tent = good for 300 people
  • 30x50m church tent = good for 2000 people
  • 500 people church tent
  • Large capacity solid wall church tent

Exhibition tent

Here are some of the kinds:

  • Big exhibition tent aluminum structure
  • Big outdoor exhibition tent
  • Durable exhibition tent with glass wall
  • Huge frame tent exhibition
  • Exhibition tent 20x60m white

Sport tent

Here are the well known sport tents:

  • 20x60m big sport tent
  • 20x60m large sport tent
  • Heavy duty sport tent for basketball
  • Outdoor tent for amusement

Pagoda tent

Here are the pagoda tent kinds:

  • 5mx5m pagoda tent
  • 10mx10m pagoda tent
  • Beautiful pagoda tent with curtain
  • Outdoor pagoda tent custom for sale
  • Pagoda tent party
  • Pagoda tent with glass wall

High peak tent

  • Hard wall high peak tent
  • Fancy high peak wedding tent
  • Luxury high peak tent

Arcum tent

  • 20x50m hard wall arcum tent for outdoor events
  • 1000 people glass wall arch tent
  • Aluminum arch tent for 500 people use
  • White PVC event arch tent

Curve tent

  • Ourdoor heavy duty tennis court tent
  • Water proof aluminum structure curve tent

Polygonal tent

  • Outdoor polygonal tent for sports

There are still so many more examples and kinds that I would love to discuss! You may want to know these tents and the uses of each before purchasing one.

The Many Ways Sports Clubs And Teams Can Use Outdoor Tents

Outdoor tents and its importance

There are so many things we cand do with tents. In fact, there are a thousand uses for tents. It would take us forever if we elaborate the advantages and the benefits of this beautiful item but it would be best mentioning some.

Before anything else, a little description about tents would help a little. Tents are shelters that are made up of sheets or drapes where evident poles are attached to. These poles would serve as the tents’ frames to be able to continue its durability. Tents, depending on their size, can either be anchored or attached to the ground. Most of the big tents are anchored given their size and weight while the small ones would mostly just be placed on the ground as is.

So many people in different fields have been using tents and the uses for tents have amazed most people. Overtime, tents have evolved better too compared to how it was originally made and used. Below are some of the examples of tents being use at its maximum:

  • Traditional
  • Military
  • Recreational
  • Emergency
  • Protest Movements


Nomadic people around the world are known to have used tents. Even before these modern tents were made, these natives have already created their own do it yourself tents where they have lived for decades together with their family and loved ones.


The military and the army have used tents mostly during spending time in wars. There would be no time for them to look for house hideouts and it would not be practical too considering the nature of their work. In order for them to be able to transfer from one place to another easily, tents are used especially that they come in very handy.


The very common and well known example for this would be those addicted to camping. These small yet very reliable tents make your camping adventure worth while.


Most rescue responses also used tents as their base. Those army doctors or army staff often resorts to tents in order to help out wounded civilians, military or sometimes even the enemy.

Protest movements

Tents are also very handy when rallies happen. Most rallyists decide to stay at one place during protest movements and tents are often used as shelter for the night until another program happens the next day.

Sporting Goods Store Or Online Shop: Which Is A Better Choice?

Why is shopping online better than shopping physically in a physical store?

Because of how advanced the technology has become, the internet has never done anything but make our lives better. One of most striking and probably the best that the internet has come up with is online shopping. There are several reasons why online shopping is so important, especially living in this world right now with the pandemic. Physical shopping is fine and something we are really used to, but shopping online has saved lives and become more much important than ever.

Benefits of online shopping

  • There are so many additional and extra products that you cannot find in a physical store but can find online
  • You will love the voucher codes and the discounts
  • Delivery at home which will save you from any exhausting travel
  • It definitely is time efficient – you can fight me on this and I will give you a hundred valid explanations and reasoning
  • 24/7 shopping online – no limits!
  • Avoid the hassle and avoid falling in line
  • You will always find what you want wherever and whenever
  • You would get more information than the usual
  • More and better varied brands

The above are just some of the benefits of online shopping and I am pretty sure almost everyone would agree. What the best and common things to do in online shops:

  • scouting the best clothes for a very important event that you have been preparing for
  • Online shops would give you cheaper prices. This is an absolute guarantee so if you are preparing for an event and would love a to-die-for outfit, visit your favorite online shops early so you can still fit the item and have it replaced just in time in case you have other choices
  • buying sports equipment
  • I personally find it tiring to actually walk in the mall for hours especially in buying sports equipment. It would be best to actually just tap and go on your mobile phone. Most of the time, the description online is very accurate to actually get the sport item you need.

Online shopping literally just made our lives easier. From how hassle it had been before and to how free and time efficient it is now, you would surely see and know the difference.

Try and visit popular online shopping sites when you have time so you would know exactly what I am talking about. Start early, start now!